January 3, 2017

Our Business

Open Futures as High Frequency Traders

We use a diverse set of algorithmic strategies and sophisticated technology to trade securities in all asset classes, i.e. Futures, Options, Commodities, Equity, FX, etc. The trades are made by computers, and positions may be held for merely a fraction of a second. Our strategies are dynamic and respond rapidly to market changes. With this speed and reach for higher profits comes higher risk, but the rewards are exponentially greater than traditional buy-and-hold strategies.

We generate alpha by identifying advantageous opportunities using a systematic, meticulous quantitative approach.

Achieving lower latency is a constant goal – latency is the time that elapses from the moment a signal is sent to its receipt.

Open Futures as Market Makers

Open Futures actively operates as a Market Maker. Market Making is a process wherein a company quotes both buy and sell prices for securities, intending to make a profit on the bid-ask spread. Due to the advancements in technology that allow trades of high volumes to take place within a second, the profits add up to large amounts. Market makers satisfy the supply and demand of markets, thus increasing liquidity, lowering transaction costs, and overall making the process more efficient and markets more stable. We provide liquidity in thousands of products at a large number of exchanges.

Work Culture

Our traders and developers come from top engineering institutes and have a vast array of skills in Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science. We have several trading teams, each working independently – while each team has access to the firm’s resources, they maintain strategic freedom. This enables each team to perform as an entrepreneurial unit.

We are about 80 strong across our global offices. Each individual is encouraged to enhance their knowledge and skills, and we facilitate the all-round growth of our employees. The positive work environment and a confident, committed attitude are factors that lend themselves to excellent performances every time.

Work-life balance is an important part of our philosophy. To this end, the extended family of Open Futures, i.e. the family members of the employees participate in various activities planned through the year. Some such events are the Annual Sports Day, parties through the year, trips over long weekends, etc. Performance based awards such as international trips (all expenses paid) are amongst the popular individual incentives given out to high achievers.